Welcome to Southern Oregon Rocketry, NAR Section #793

Southern Oregon Rocketry welcomes rocket enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels to join our group! 

Next Scheduled Launch: December 10th


 Future launches are generally scheduled for every Second Saturday of the month, weather permitting, however..... we sometimes reschedule our launches to avoid conflicts with the Oregon Rocketry (OROC) High Power Schedule out at their Brothers launch site.  Watch out for launch announcements in 2023 to see if launches are rescheduled.

NOTE: A $5 per-vehicle parking fee is now required for those participating in launches ( spectators and Rogue Eagle members excluded ). The fees go towards upkeep and improvements to the property.

We have partnered with the Rogue Eagles R/C Club to secure a launch site for our monthly events. They have a great property that includes a clearing perfect for launching low to mid-powered rockets! 
Here's the website if you would like to learn more about their club - http://www.rogue-eagles.org/


Who we are:

SOR is a chapter of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) that represents the Southern Oregon and Northern California area. 


Our goal:

Our goal is to create an environment where anyone of any skill level can discuss and practice the sport of model rocketry.  Whether you're a teenager or youngster who wants to fly rockets and learn about rocketry, or retired and just want to spend your retirement money flying everything up to mid-power rockets, SOR is here to accommodate you.  We hope that our club will expose more people to this exciting sport and create tremendous learning experiences that will last a lifetime. 


Who can join?

SOR is open to anyone with an interest in making things go up in the air safely.  If you are a beginner and need assistance, we're more than happy to help you!


Where do we meet?

SOR is not currently holding meetings, but we could. At these meetings we can discuss rockets, club affairs, weather conditions, and whatever else comes up! Click here to view upcoming meetings.


What is the motor limit at our launch site?  How big of a rocket can I fly?  How high can I go?

As a NAR-sanctioned event, SOR conducts its launches in accordance with the NAR safety code and NFPA 1122, the Code for Model Rockets.  Because of several factors, mostly related to the size of our launch site and the need for a Certificate of Authorization/Waiver from the FAA, SOR launch events only permit Model Rockets, as defined.  Regulations dictate that we limit motor size to G (mid-power).  Rockets weighing up to 1,500 grams can be flown at our events.  Our flight ceiling is approximately 2,400' AGL.


How to contact us?

Please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We're also on Facebook.  Check us out!