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As I’m sure many of you noticed, this website was down for several weeks, which is how long it took for me to figure out what was messed up. I upgraded this site using WordPress and got rid of the old, outdated Joomla site. Deano 2/9/2023

We had a great monthly launch on Saturday, February 11th. The weather was perfect with warm sun, mild winds and only few clouds. A pair of Bald Eagles soared around to the southwest. Only two of us showed up, but we launched quite a few rockets, all successfully, or at least mostly successfully. 2/12/2023

The March launch was scrubbed due to cold and unsettled weather and low interest. Hopefully, April will be better. 3/12/2023

SOR was asked to give a brief rocketry lesson last Saturday, July 1st, 2023, at the Rogue Eagles’ Aviation Summer Camp, an event they’ve held over the last 3 years for middle school kids.  I flew my Extreme 12 flew on an E12-0 staging to an E12-8.  It veered to the west and drifted into the oak savannah to the southwest of the launch site, hanging itself up in an oak tree.  Wes flew his Mean Machine on a D12-3 and it flew perfectly, although not very high, landing close, just off the runway.  Next, I flew my Micro Magg on a G76-7G green Mojave.  It flew nicely up to the usual ~1200’ I suspect, drifted down to 400’ where the JLCR worked perfectly and it came down gently.  Perfect flight.  Finally, Wes flew his Crayon Bank on a G53-5FJ and the flight went perfectly too.  All good.  The crowd was pleased. Deano 7/6/2023

GOOD NEWS!! E and F model rocket motors no longer need to be shipped as hazmat. The link below to the Aerotech announcement is from The Rocketry Forum. It’s fairly long, but it has a lot of good information about the change!

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  1. I live in Shasta Lake CA
    .I am an OROC member
    Looking for a closer launch site for my mid power birds.

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