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Launch Site

We have partnered with the Rogue Eagles R/C Club to secure a launch site for our monthly events. With Mt. McLoughlin as a backdrop, they have a great property that includes a clearing perfect for launching low to mid-powered rockets!

Here’s the Rogue Eagles’ website if you would like to learn more about their club –


From eastbound OR-140, take a right turn after the dip at Stoneridge Golf Club onto E. Antelope Road. Turn right off E. Antelope Rd. at the fire station and stay left on the gravel road. You will see the “Agate Skyways” sign. The gate should be open. On a map you will see the model airplane runway. Parking and our launch area is south of the runway at the far eastern end. Nice, clean restrooms are maintained on-site; however, no water is available.

NOTE: A $5 per-event fee is required for those launching rockets. Spectators are always welcome to watch for free. The fees go to the Rogue Eagles RC Club for upkeep and improvements to the property. The location of the launch site is Agate Skyways, 884 E Antelope Rd, Eagle Point, OR 97524. Take a right turn off E. Antelope Road at the fire station and stay left on the gravel road. You will see the “Agate Skyways” sign. The gate will normally be open. On a map you will see the model airplane runway strip. Look for us at the far side of the runway off to the south.

NOTE: This is a gated property and generally requires a member of the Rogue Eagles to allow entrance. The gate should be unlocked during launch events.

Along the Flight Line

SOR uses the Misfire Alley Range setup for our launches. What that means is that you, the flier, are responsible for providing your own launch equipment, rods, rails, launch controller, and batteries. The club does not provide any launch equipment, although you can almost certainly ask to use someone else’s setup. For a description of the Misfire Alley Range setup, go to the Resources page and you can download it, along with fillable form Flight Cards that you can fill out and print ahead of time if you want.

At our launches, you will normally want to angle your rod/rail slightly to the east, away from the flight line. When you have your rocket ready to launch, come over to the RSO/LCO table and get a flight card. Return it when it’s filled out and you’ll be ready to fly! If you want to fillout your flight cards beforehand using SOR’s handy dandy fillable form, feel free. After the range closes, the LCO will call out your flight and all you need to do is push the button. After your flight, wait until the range is open before retrieving your rocket. If by chance your rocket intrudes on the runway area or lands north of it, wait for instructions from the LCO and assure that you’re cleared by the Eagles before crossing the runway or going into an area where flight operations are being conducted. Otherwise, SOR operates in accordance with the NAR Safety Code, which is also available on the club Resources page.