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Click here for launch card fillable forms, the NAR safety code, Misfire Alley Range description, and ….

High Power Rocketry

SOR does not allow high power rockets at their launches due to several factors, but the club does support and encourage High Power Rocketry activities. Many of SOR’s club members are also members of Oregon Rocketry (OROC) and include Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 certified rocketeers. We can help you get certified too! OROC has one of the premier High Power Rocketry Rocketry (HPR) venues in the USA. OROC’s launch site just outside of Brothers, Oregon, about a half hour east of Bend, has a standing FAA waiver of 20,500’ AGL, with call-in windows to 33,000’ AGL. This is the highest waiver in the US outside of Black Rock, NV. Presently, OROC can accommodate motors up to and including N total impulse. Visit the OROC website for further information about the club and their public launch schedule.

National Organizations


If you attend any of the OROC launches at Brothers, at least one vendor and occasionally more are there to sell you kits, motors, recovery gear, electronics, you name it. Typically, discounts are available and buying from them helps support their business(es). Someone from SOR typically attends the OROC launches and can usually make arrangements to bring SOR members back stuff, particularly stuff like F-motors that would otherwise require hazmat shipping.

Links to online vendors that we have used and found to be reputable are listed below. This is not an endorsement or anything of the sort, but simply a resource for rocketry supplies, in alphabetical order, mostly. The absence of any particular vendor on this list is not necessarily a bad review. Email us if you have another vendor you’d like information on and we’ll let you know what we know about them. If you have a favorite vendor that’s not on the list, let us know and we’ll add them.

Animal Motors Works

Hobby King LiPO Batteries

Cesaroni Technologies, Inc.